Sunday, January 6, 2008

Heres a stat....

Bob Woolmer reckoned Australia received almost six times more line-ball decisions than Pakistan during the 2004-05 series, and while it sounded like an exaggeration, the benefit of the doubt favours the home team in Australia and around the world.

Umpires stand united against Indians!!!

I donno if there is a pattern here but the umpiring against the indian team in australia is pathetic. It always happens so, that aussies get 1 wrong decision and the indians get 8 against them.

Ricky ponting has the tenacity to comment that he was fair in the game with his appealing.

There are lots of angry comments around the web from indian supporters on the poor umpiring.

This has become a sort of a trend whenever we tour australia. If some one out there could get the stats of no. of wrong decisions against oppositions in australia, i think it will be a very interesting one.